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作者: mdf16394    時間: 2013-12-18 23:46     標題: are tightness

are tightness,, smooth and striking. It also has excellent intensity and abrasive resistance. The inner of it is suede and has rough fibers with big space. It also has much fluff. The surface of the top layer leather is smoother and better quality,Ugg Stiefel, abrasive resistance than the second layer leather. The second layer leather The leather which is processed by the machine for twice is called the second layer leather. The second layer leather is a little rough, but it can be reduced. The second layer leather will have mo defects after printing,Ugg Schuhe, due to its flat surface. The granules on the surface is the primarily difference between the top layer leather and the second layer leather. The second layer leather destroys the initial granules. The decorative patterns that are printed on the leather are different between the real oxhide and copy oxhide. If the leather has no pores or the decorative patterns are supernatant,ugg boots billig, it is the copy leather. It can be found by your careful observation. The third layer leather The leather

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