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Yu Jianrong arrived in rural Guizhou performance of their duties: own food not local penny Yu Jianrong said, satisfied with the village's old house, through the transformation after reconstruction, foreign artists available accommodation. Yesterday, Yu Jianrong reach rural Guizhou Xingyi City is satisfied with Rong village. Original title: Yu Jianrong: own food not local penny yesterday morning, scholars, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Centre for Rural Social Research,[url=http://www.aaphilippines.org/uggjp.html]アグ モカシン[/url], Professor Yu Jianrong from Beijing, went Xingyi City, Guizhou Province is satisfied Rong Township assistant director of the village with the village any guidance rural construction. His actions on the network attracted a lot of praise and blessing. Yesterday, the Beijing Times reporter Yu Jianrong said tentative attachment for 2 years, he and his team will be satisfied with the village establish training bases, training local farmers produce handicrafts, agricultural products and other environmentally friendly cultivation, but during his tenure. " never to the local penny. " □ About Yu Jianrong, born in September 1962 in Hunan Hengyang. Currently a professor, director of the Social Issues Research Centre, CASS Rural Development Institute. China Rural Issues Research Centre, Ministry of Education Key Research Base of Central China Normal University doctoral tutor,[url=http://www.hancorp.com.vn/images/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ アウトレット[/url], Ministry of Education Key Research Base of Shandong University Academic Committee of the Institute of Scientific Socialism members; director of the China Research Center for Rural Construction, Hebei University Academic Committee. December 2010, Yu Jianrong is acclaimed as one of more than 30 million Internet users, "China Internet nine man" and Lang, Dai Xu, Guo Yiping, Zhang Hongliang, who tied. The evening of 25 January 2011,[url=http://www.hancorp.com.vn/images/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 人気[/url],[url=http://www.aaphilippines.org/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 店舗[/url], on the microblogging Yu Jianrong launched the "readily photo rescue child beggars" account, launched microblogging crackdown action. October 2012, because of a series of readily charity Yu Jianrong, a "Wall Street Journal," the Chinese version of "China Innovation Award 'Charity category winners. Edition have written the Beijing Times reporter Sun Xuemei edition pictures counterparts in rural Guizhou Figure invited friends for any village official Yu Jianrong Yu Jianrong often appear in public view, he was concerned about rural development, attention to vulnerable groups, concerned about social welfare. This time, as a researcher, he chose to go to rural villages line attachment, assistant director, or contrary to a lot of people expected. In Xingyi City, Guizhou Province,[url=http://www.hancorp.com.vn/images/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 店舗[/url], the government issued 戎乡政 Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, request letter, wrote, Southwest Guizhou Xingyi City, Guizhou Province is a poor mountain village Rong, Yu Jianrong been The township, village renovation ethnic and cultural guide the rescue work,[url=http://www.hancorp.com.vn/images/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 正規品[/url], in order to further this work, will be invited to the Comrade Yu Jianrong Zhang Rong Xiangan any village, assistant director of the village committee, the time is tentatively scheduled for two years (October 2013 to 2015 September). For users 'village elections and assistant director of the Organization Department of the masses is not appointed yet, "the question, the reporter learned from the local government, the villagers' committee is an autonomous organization, there is no level
于建嵘抵贵州乡村履职:自带干粮不要当地一分钱 于建嵘说,纳具村的破旧房子,在通过改造重建后,可供外来的艺术家住宿。昨天,于建嵘到达贵州兴义市则戎乡纳具村,[url=http://www.aaphilippines.org/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 正規品[/url]。  原标题:于建嵘:自带干粮不要当地一分钱  昨天上午,知名学者、中国社会科学院农村所社会问题研究中心主任、教授于建嵘从北京出发,[url=http://www.aaphilippines.org/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ アウトレット[/url],奔赴贵州省兴义市则戎乡纳具村任村主任助理,指导乡村建设。他的行动,在网络上引来很多赞扬和祝福。  于建嵘昨天向京华时报记者表示,暂定挂职时间为2年,他和他的团队将在纳具村建立培训基地,培训当地的农民制作手工艺品、种植环保的农产品等,但任职期间“绝不会要当地一分钱”。  □简介  于建嵘,1962年9月生于湖南衡阳。现任中国社会科学院农村发展研究所教授,社会问题研究中心主任。教育部重点研究基地华中师范大学中国农村问题研究中心博士生导师,教育部重点研究基地山东大学科学社会主义研究所学术委员会委员;河北大学中国乡村建设研究中心学术委员会主任。  2010年12月,于建嵘被30多万网民公推为与郎咸平、戴旭、郭亦平、张宏良等人并列的“中国互联网九大风云人物”之一。  2011年1月25日晚,于建嵘在微博上开通了“随手拍照解救乞讨儿童”账号,发起了微博打拐行动。  2012年10月,于建嵘因为一系列随手公益活动,成为《华尔街日报》中文版“中国创新人物奖”慈善类获奖人。  本版采写 京华时报记者 孙雪梅 本版图片 同行网友供图  贵州农村邀于建嵘任村官  于建嵘常出现在公众视野,他关注农村发展、关注弱势群体、关注社会公益。而这一次,作为一名研究者,他选择去乡村一线挂职村主任助理,还是出乎很多人意料。  在贵州省兴义市则戎乡政府发给中国社科院农村发展研究所的商请函中,这样写道,贵州省黔西南州兴义市则戎乡是贫困山区,于建嵘一直在该乡指导民族村庄整治和文化抢救工作,为进一步开展此项工作,拟请于建嵘同志到则戎乡安章村任村民委员会主任助理,时间暂定为两年(2013年10月至2015年9月)。  针对网友“村主任助理不用群众选举和组织部任命吗”的疑问,记者从当地政府了解到,村民委员会是自治组织,[url=http://www.aaphilippines.org/uggjp.html]UGG ブーツ 人気[/url],[url=http://www.hancorp.com.vn/images/uggjp.html]アグ モカシン[/url],不存在级别

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